New Track with Cello Joe – Springstep

Santa Cruz Show this Monday, March 11th


    :::MARYA STARK:::

    An Intimate Evening of Incredible Instrumentation!
    … (NEW MOON Hippie-Dippie Squishie Love Squad)

    50 LUCKY PEOPLE will get to share this magic carpet ride!
    (magic carpets and cushions provided)

    Please join us for a very special and rare treat of amazing musicianship in an intimate setting (Marya’s house)! If you were at Mystic Garden, you know what magic these phenomenal musical magicians graced us with.. If we’re lucky we may even hear an encore or the “Banana Song” aka “Mama Crow Needs A Banana!”

    Travis Puntarelli – Spectacular
    Marya Stark = Amazing (you saw her at Kumbwa!!!)
    Mama Crow = also super amazing
    Bee Born = seriously..amazing!
    Yogi Prateado = extraordinary
    Jonah Kai & friends = you get the idea ;)

    SPECIAL APPEARANCE by Arnold Schwarzenegger
    *yet to be confirmed.

    Hailing all the way from Germany for a VERY SPECIAL once-in-a-blue NEW MOON surprise visit, masterful hang player (yes, the one that looks and sounds like a flying saucer from an ancient future). Yogi will fractalize your heart-mind with his healing song designs!

    is coming from so far out of state we don’t even know the name of his home land because it is only pronounceable to Gelflings and Faeries who’s voices are soul-ly heard in other dimensions when he performs!
    *(Travis is too magical to be caught on human recording devices)

    As a performing artist, Marya is lucid and fierce. Her song style is a fusion of classical music, traditional folk, experimental live vocal looping, and mystical story telling. Her lyrics are compelling, humorous and wildly imaginative, while her guitar arrangements and vocal melodies are precise, evocative and linger in your soul for days. She has a commanding and engaging stage presence, bringing you through the mind of the maverick and the heart of the Goddess. However, the thing you will remember most about this fiery enchantress is the unforgettably angelic sound of her voice. Be prepared to be blown away.

    1. a musical group based in the Bay Area of California.
    2. the nickname of Carmen Marie Gutierrez (New York born singer/songwriter and mastermind of group).
    3. an acoustic neo soul, world, hip hop band with flava like you’ve neva tasted.

    ~BEE BORN~
    If you don’t know who she is yet, bring a note pad to get her autograph cuz she is amazing. Shamanic-ly rocking the Ngoni (African Harp) this sultry songstrice, beat box-looper and magical mama extraordinaire will lull you into dreamtime!

    Simply there for laughs and eye candy.

    7:30 SHOWTIME
    $20-12 sliding scale. Please come prepared to offer cash to our world-traveling musicians to support their travel expenses! :)

    Feel free to bring a dish of food AS WELL if you feel inspired to share with friends. We will have pillows and cozies to snuggle on.

    *If you are late we won’t take it personally but you’ll have to explain it to Arnold. “COMAAAAN!! HURRRRRY!!!”
    He does not like it when you are late.

Ecstatic Dance Berlin 17-1-2013

Alle meine Kumpeln – Donnerstag, in Berlin – ecstatic dance berlin – ganz neues Raum für uns – guten Boxen – ich DJ

auch ich spiele meine Halo, Dannach für Klangheilung.
mehr infos @

AcroYoga in Kiel 2.2

AcroYoga Workshop Kiel

AcroYoga verbindet die Weisheit des Yoga, die Spielfreude und Kreativität der Akrobatik und die heilende Energie der Thai Massage. Diese drei Traditionslinien bilden die Grundlage dieser kraftvollen, dynamischen und gemeinschaftlich praktizierten Bewegungskunst.

Zum Workshop kann man auch alleine kommen, es muss nicht von vornherein ein Partner vorhanden sein.

Wann: Sa, 2. Februar 2013 von 11.00-14.00 Wo: Uni Sportforum, Entspannungshalle oben Kosten: 10 €

Kursleiter: Yogi, zertifizierter AcroYoga-Lehrer

Anmeldung unter: → Hochschulsportangebot → Angebot A-Z → Yoga

Galactronic’s ‘Silvatica’ Just Out

The Galactronic project I’ve been working on for the past 2 years has just dropped: check it out!

AcroYoga in Kiel

AcroYoga für Anfänger mit Yogi in Yanasana Studio
Eine spielerische Art des Yoga mit Einflüssen von Akrobatik und Thai-Yoga-Massage. Mehr Infos folgen in Kürze!
Beginn: Samstag 01.12.2012, 11:30 Uhr – 14:30 Uhr
Preis: 35,-€,
early bird: bei Anmeldung und Zahlung vor dem 25.11.2012: 30,-€
Voranmeldung erbeten

Melden Sie sich hier

Back in Berlin! Yoga in the Park this Saturday with musical accompaniment

Alle die verrückte Leute in Berlin – Yoga im Park – Dieser Samstag – Ich spiele Hang

TaKeTiNa in Portland – Come experience this deep practice for FREE

Dear Friends,

I’ve been training for 3 years to become a TaKeTiNa teacher – now it is time for my examination set. That means TaKeTiNa students from across the country will be presenting their work free and open to the public. Come check it out!

This Friday – Yogi Prateado spinning Galactronic at Grateful Fridays!

Come out for an amazing night of music, magic, and mystery at our very own Avalon, in Los Angeles.

Click here:

Galactronic @ Movement Play Micro Festival – get your discount tickets using this special code!

use this discount code to get $26 off the price of Movement Play! YogiP26
The 4th annual Movement Play Microfestival is June 22-25, 2012, in Willits, CA.
Art, Entertainment, and Participation converge at the intersection of Play and Beauty!

The Movement Play Microfestival brings together artists, musicians, teachers, and curious, genuine people who love to experience life through play,

creative expression, and authentic connection.  This 4 day summer camp out is a sustainable “green” event, powered by biodiesel & solar power,
promoting carbon neutral practices, and supporting local, organic farms and businesses.  All organic food (carnivore and vegetarian) provided by TableNectar. Drinking water included in ticket price! Held ~3.5 hours north of San Francisco, this intimate event is one of the most nourishing festival gatherings in existence – leave feeling restored!
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