Prateado’s collaboration with Stephen Kaminanda on the well-known Conscious Droplets track which was pre-released as a single before it appeared on the Gateways of Consciousness album appeared from a riff Prateado had composed on his Integral Hang and some quality time spent together in the studio together. Kaminanda and Prateado have further tracks in the work. Watch the skies.

Yogi’s Debut solo album, Shift, Release is a lo-fi recording of Hang solos, duos, and full-band arrangements. Recorded live in living rooms, Pacific Gallery’s studios, and beautiful arching churches, the album is an emotional and mystical journey through life in LA, San Francisco, and the paradox of life in the early 21st century. Tracks like The Trip Out, mean what they say – voyages to far away lands and solar systems all the while contained in the merkaba rooted in the drum and reconciled by angel’s voices. With such exemplary guest musicians as Amir Eshraghi, Adam Yasmin, Herwig Maurer, Paul Bertín, Evan Frasure, Rich Ferguson, and Laura Inserra, this humbly cobbled piece can lead down colorful wormholes–or back again.

Shift, Release Cover Art