Galactronic is the soul creation of Itom Lab and Yogi Prateado. The release, Silvatica, is is Prateado’s second full-length album. This weave of electronic and organic music, creates elemental music. Working with renowned electronic music artist Itom lab since guest appearing on his Crop Circles of Life album in 2010 for the Lexicon track, Prateado and mr. Lab have been experimenting in respectfully immersing the world of the unseen in musical form. Galactronic’s musical meditations routinely include top musicians, vocalists and electronic artists rounding out the distinctive organic-etherial sound.

Yogi Prateado travels the noosphere with the Hang, percussion, electronics, voice, and other devices to woo harmonious realization. The Hang, a ufo looking instrument, was created in 2000, by Felix and Sabina, the Hang makers, in Bern, Switzerland. This remarkable instrument sounds like the celestial orbs, a harp, or what have you. Collaboration with some of the top live and electronic artists on the west coast including the Deprogramming Division, Qawwali singer Sukhawat Ali Khan, and the samba group The Loyd Family Players bring an array groove-based melodic experiences, exploring the full range of musical possibilities. With the ardent aim to activate harmonic resonance and the resounding gong of skillful action in his listeners, Prateado’s background in ecological philosophy and as a yoga and meditation teacher speaks through the music. Prateado is currently based in LA, San Francisco, and Berlin, and is a staple of the left coast festival scene.

Itom Lab is a multi-instrumentalist sonic creator with a wealth of electronic sound design mixed with a variety of  instruments. Graduate from Recording Workshop and a Bachelor in Media Arts to craft the exact replication of the dream design from mind to speaker. Allowing a wonderland of soundscapes and intricate passages of conscious tonality to be mixed in a nameless genre. Years of tour experience, studio recordings and sound design in high end facilities in New York and California in addition to his own Lab.  Gathering the powerful elements of the old traditional sounds hybrid into the atomic technology to create the sound of the ancient future and merging it into one collective experience.  Using organic instruments with a spaceship of technologies in live shows brings this timeless music into a evolved performance.  Meditative arts and endless artistic creations in the form of transparency with a drive to travel the world while celebrating life through the form of artistic conscious music.