Prateado is currently based in Kiel, Germany, though finds home anywhere in the world, especially San Francisco, Berlin, and Rio de Janeiro.


Prateado travels the noosphere with the Hang, percussion, electronics, and other devices to woo harmonious realization.

The Hang, a ufo-looking instrument, was created in 2000, by Felix and Sabina, the PANArt Hang makers, in Bern, Switzerland. This remarkable instrument sounds like the celestial orbs, and evokes a range of timbres, notably the the harp. As his instruments were stolen between September 15, 2010 and November 8, 2012 (more on this remarkable story here), unable to receive a replacement instrument from the makers, Prateado very gratefully has been playing a Pantheon Steel Aegean Halo. These idiophones, or handpans, are  the primary sources of sonic creation for Prateado. He collaborates with some of the top live and electronic artists on the west coast (and in Germany), offering mystical of listening and movement experiences.

A Certified AcroYoga Teacher since 2008, Prateado first fell in love with the art at Burningman 2006 when his old friend Adam Rinder flew him for the first time and he took a class with Jason, Jenny, and the first crew of AcroYoga teachers. After years of Capoiera training, AcroYoga was the perfect continuation of a dynamic partner physical artform, without the injuries.
Prateado has taught and performed widely at international private events, acrobatic, yoga, and music festivals, as well as in regular workshops and weekly classes. His love for the adrenaline of acrobatics, combined with the alignment of yoga, and the salve of Thai massage keeps him returning to AcroYoga each time fresh – attentive to the needs and abilities of his current students.

Prateado also writes. A Doctorate Student and Teaching Docent at the Christian Albrechts Universität, Kiel, he is writing his dissertation in Environmental Ethics and Philosophy, as well as writing on other related topics.